Natural Mouth Freshener and Floss!

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Brushing the teeth in the morning followed by chewing and spitting “Cinnamon” keeps your mouth 24+ hours fresh,  strengthens your gums and teeth,  helps prevent and treat  toothache, bleeding gums,  bad breath,  tooth decay and other oral diseases.

[note] Use cinnamon twice, once after brushing and once before going to the bed for best results![/note]


  1. Brush your teeth first and take a full or half stick of “Cinnamon” and start chewing it.
  2. While chewing cinnamon, let it reach all the corners of mouth and spit it and rinse off with water thoroughly.

Added Advantages:

  • Cleans but doesn’t hurt!
  • Can be chewed and spat out water rinsed off multiple times as the potency is lost to increase the freshness hours.
  • Natural and eatable substance has the health benefits.
  • Energetic and active hours.
  • Easy and comfortable to carry.
  • No harm when/if it’s accidentally swallowed.


  •  Store “Cinnamon” in airtight glass container to keep it Fresh and Potent




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