How to know the latitude and longitude of my location through Google Maps?

Google Maps ( have set of handy tools(features) that are by default in disabled state. So all you need to do is enable all of those  you require.

Why there’s a need to know latitude and longitude of a location?

It could be the reason one in few that you need to know your location’s latitude and longitude to place (OR) integrate your location’s map in your website to let your users know your business location or help them navigate through easily. But by default Latitude and Longitude viewing may be in disabled state in webpage. So all that you you need to do is go to and enable it to show Longitude and Latitude. Below goes the procedure in to enable to show Longitude and Latitude.



Locate  Maps Labs  link in and click on it to enable  or disable the  features  populated in the pop-up and  hit save changes . Maps Labs link should be some where in bottom or around copyrights,terms of use, Privacy information links. Above is the screen-shot.

Below is the Google’s official link to go through detailed instructed manual and also to stay updated with the UI (User Interface) the Google may change time to time!

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