How to increase touch typing speed!


Although you are a touch typist, often there is a lag hitting few keys on the keyboard, which makes your overall WPM rate fall down, this is due to the difficulty level  you have with the certain keys on the keyboard. If you are one among the ones that have this difficulty with the certain keys, there is a solution to reduce the difficulty level and increase your overall WPM significantly. The solution involves a simple technique which accommodates self auto monitoring and goes accomplishing fun and excitement!


Considering you have difficulty with some of the keys in among the alphabets or letters, let’s focus on it. Take the “Home row Position” and start typing A to Z and notice the time ”completion in seconds” in first attempt. You probably must be completing typing A to Z in less than 12 seconds, if you are a decent touch typist or a non beginner.  Relax and repeat the same multiple times aiming to complete the same in less time than your every previous attempt as you progress. During your approach to complete typing A to Z  consecutively in lesser time than your previous attempts/sessions, you automatically get to focus on the keys that are in difficulty level and resolve the delay or lag you have with the certain keys on the keyboard and increase your touch typing speeds significantly, keeping you at 48+ WPM track (WPM = Words per minute). Letting you know, after following this method, the best progress achieved was A to Z completion in 5 seconds! :) . Found this method and process worked amazing with letter/alphabet keys. Follow this method on any category keys like symbols, numbers and numbers on num pad and see it working! This is simple, yet efficiently powerful pro tip.


Once you’ve obtained good touch typing speeds following this, you could start every day with a session on your workstation to constantly monitor and maintain your best of typing. Or you may follow this, whenever you find your speeds are depressed or fallen down to keep your touch typing skill back on track. Be a Pro. Cheers! :)

 Functioning of tip:

Increases your touch typing speed by improving fast and accurate finger reach over the keyboard keys as the keys in difficulty level are self auto observed/monitored and lag corrected during the process to complete A to Z quicker!




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