How to achieve flavor and taste of charcoal roasted corn or maize by roasting the corn/maize on an existing gas stove!


When corn/maize is roasted directly on gas stove (LPG), it doesn’t taste as great as the maize that is roasted on charcoal, and the known reason the maize/corn is charcoal roasted and sold is any food that is charcoal cooked/roasted is extremely tasty and flavorous. Observed personally, particularly the corn/maize when roasted on LPG gas stove with a commercially sold iron attachment on top of your existing regularly used normal gas stoves gives the same flavor what a burning charcoal gives. Additionally, inexpensively converts your existing gas stove to a grilling gas stove.

Revealed is a simple tip, yet extremely helpful and useful to the people that are dependent and use and only have LPG stoves to cook their regular/routine. Especially in India, people often spend few extra bucks to buy charcoal roasted maize, just to get that charcoal cooked taste and flavor, and as they couldn’t provision charcoal cooking methods themselves trying to avoid, work load and heavy toxic fumes. Instead, they could use that extra amount they spend, to buy extra maize and serve few more just by accessorizing their existing gas stoves.

Making arrangements to roast the maize on charcoal at home is time consuming and can also be the health hazard, as burning charcoal might release fumes containing carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide fumes noticeably heaver than that of LPG Gas stoves.

[pullleft float=”alignleft”] Carbon Monoxide having the chemical formula “CO” is a odorless toxic and poisonous gas which even may lead to death if inhaled in significant amounts. [/pullleft]

Coming to the point, all you need to do is, just buy a holed and handled iron design something like the one shown in the image, or get the iron mold done by any iron workshops. The iron mold shown in the image has the design, sandwiched with little space or gap in between two folded attached round shaped and holed iron sheets which are wavy from the center to along/throughout the radius of the irons sheets. The design and shape of the iron mold that is sold commercially need not necessarily be the same as the one that is shown in the image attached to this article, you could buy available iron mold of any design and shape which does you the needful.

Directions: Accessorize your gas stove by placing the purchased/made iron mold on top of your gas burner and roast the maize on top of the accessory.


  • No heavy fumes containing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide fumes are released unlike coal roasting/grilling methods.
  • Almost coal roasted or coal grilled taste is obtained and the taste results are above satisfactory and amazing when compared to getting the maize roasted directly on gas stove.
  • Saves bucks and you could use that extra amount you usually spend on coal roasted/grilled maize/corn to buy few extra maize and serve extra.
  • Saves time and energy to the people who probably spending time and work to arrange the coal cooking methods.
  • Technically better Idea.
  • And finally it’s a good idea to someone who’s health conscious and wants to avoid heavy toxic fumes that makes breath difficult with headache and watery eyes.

Suggestions: Buy a “holed iron mold design” ready made of any design and shape from the stores or workshops rather getting the design done to save some time.



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