Ginger Sugar Crystals (allam murabba)

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It’s  very simple to prepare and very good for health!

After returning from office, school, and college or after any heavy work, you can just mouth melt these ready “ginger sugar crystals”  to come out of exhaustion. Health experts say ginger in every day diet helps digestion. This recipe simplifies the task of taking ginger in your regular diet. Taking ginger has numerous health benefits. Let’s overview few of them and then quickly jump into the recipe.

These made “ginger sugar crystals or ginger sugar candies” can be preserved for many days, hence can be used for various purposes.

We may neglect / feel lazy taking ginger in our regular diet, because there is lot to do before you can eat it. Peel off the skin, cut it to pieces and then use it for cooking or eat it directly. But now these ready “ginger sugar crystals” helps you add ginger in your regular diet. All that you need to do is just prepare it once and preserve it. And use it whenever required.

  • Ginger tea: use these “ginger sugar crystals” to flavor your tea. To do this just take a small piece or desired size of “ginger sugar crystal” and add it in the tea during preparation.
  • Headache: ginger is a good natural medicine to treat headaches.
  • Motion sickness: many are allergic to bus journey and have the symptoms of vomiting / head ache, which is called motion sickness. These ready “ginger sugar crystals” can be carried along with you during journey and mouth melt to prevent motion sickness.
  • Menstrual cramps: it helps treating menstrual cramps.
  • Cough: it soothes your throat to treat and cure your cough.

There are just plenty of health benefits using “Ginger” if we keep writing.



Ginger: 3 whole pieces (you can also take more if you wish to make it spicier)
Sugar: 250 grams
Water: Equal to the sugar level measured when introuduced both(sugar+water) in pan.

Recipe / procedure:

    1. Peel off the skin of ginger.
    2. Cut the ginger to pieces.
    3. Grind the ginger pieces to make ginger paste (add little water in grinder to moisten if dry ginger is taken) and keep it a side.


  1. Now take a steel plate and drop  2-3 drops of  oil or ghee in it and apply it all over the surface of the plate to grease it and keep it a side.
  2. Take water in deep pan and introuduce sugar into the water. Now boil this mixture. Keep stirring the mixture thoroughly till the mixture thickens.
  3. After the mixture is thickened(turning into viscous or to become dense), add the prepared ginger paste in the mixture and stir it constantly and thoroughly till the mixture reaches the point where it can get crystallized upon temperature fall. You can test it by taking little amount on a plate, if that little amount taken semi solidifies, then you can take the pan off the stove.
  4.  Now pour the mixture immediately into the oil greased plate. Let the mixture evenly spread on the surface of the plate .
  5.  Cut it into pieces to a desired shape using a knife. Let it cool down, after a minute or two the mixture gets completely crystallized to the shape it was cut to.  Serve it hot or preserved! Tastes good upon temparature fall!

Enjoy every melt of these “ginger sugar crystals”.

Make it a habit to add ginger in your regular diet.


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    Mom, that’s an awesome health recipe. Very tasty too! Cheers! :)


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