Ginger Infused Honey

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Ginger infused honey is one among the recipes that has the ingredient which acts as natural preservative to its final recipe, which means the preparation stands long and can be bottled and refrigerated to serve it any time. The preparation has got amazing health benefits in tasty way!

Health benefits:

  • Treats insomnia (sleeplessness) by inducing sleep.
  • Prevents and treats motion sickness.
  • Helps treat menstrual cramps.
  • Helps control Blood pressure.
  • Treats Headaches caused by exhaustion.
  • Natural and effective way to treat Cough,  Sore throat, Cold and General Headaches when consumed in moderate amounts.
  • Supplies Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Relieves stress by inducing sleep.
  • Wakes you up with energy and fresh glowing skin.
  • A good dosage of antioxidants.
  • Rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Ingredients and Quantities:

1. Ginger: Individual preferred quantity. The quantity can be from just flavoring honey to make it even more ginger rich and spicy.

2. Water: Quantities that can help you extract the ginger concentrations.

3. Honey: 1:1 of ginger extract/ginger juice.

[note] Tips: Extra honey can be added to the preparation when the ginger  makes it excessively spicy. [/note]


  1. Grind the skin peeled ginger pieces with little water.
  2. Take palm full of moist ginger paste and extract its juice by pressing.
  3. Now introduce honey to the ginger extract.
  4. Mix the mixture thoroughly.
  5. Store the preparation in airtight glass container.

[note] Storage:  Store in airtight glass container and refrigerate to preserve it longer. Close the lid/cap tightly every time it’s used to avoid  preparation taking the odor of other items stored/preserved in the fridge. [/note]

[note]Directions: Take 1-2 teaspoonful after food.[/note]

[note] Note: Consuming quantity depends on ones tolerance to ginger spice and caloric tolerance[/note]

[note] Recommendations: Consume in moderate amounts. Avoid taking in excessive amounts [/note]

[note] Expiration Signs: Any sign of change in taste and odor indicates the preparations expiration or the preparation is nearing its expiration. Please stop using the preparation when change in odor and taste is observed/noticed [/note]

[note] Note: If consuming the preparation worsens  any of your medical conditions, please stop using the preparation and consult your Doctor [/note]

[note] Note: Ask your Doctor before taking the preparation before or after surgery [/note]

[note] Note: Consuming this preparation may be inappropriate / unsuitable to certain medical conditions or body’s response to the preparation. Consult your Doctor before using this preparation if you have a medical condition that  requires a Doctor’s attention [/note]


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