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Flattened Rice Fries

Flattened Rice Fry

Flattened Rice Fry is another add-on to serve as accompaniment to various Namkeen Snacks! There are various types of “Flattened Rice”. Taste and fries perfection differs with the type of “Flattened rice” chosen. Ingredients: Flattened…


Green Peas Fry

“Green Peas fry” usually serves as an accompaniment with Namkeens, Puffed rice preparations, and other spicy snacks! Green peas fry has to be  cautiously handled, as the oil when frying especially Green peas splatter/spills heavily from the frying Oil pan/container which may cause…


Spicy and Crispy Puffed Rice

A starry sky spicy and crispy treat,  rejuvenates tired evenings, elevates the mood and energy! Having a cup of Tea, Milk or a Coffee very next to it makes you complete.  Let’s head to treat our awaiting taste buds! Ingredients: Puffed Rice…

mango jelly, Mango Chutney, Sweet Mango Chutney

Natural and Pulpy Mango Jelly!

Natural and Pulpy Mango Jelly is made by grating raw tota puri mangoes like a tiny noodles for pulpiness. It serves as accompaniment to various dishes like chapatis/rotis, Bread or can be consumed directly. Ingredients:…